Wednesday, 7 March 2012

b n-e - 1. Kura

A little unsure about this chapter, but I'm fairly certain it's from the Grandmother's viewpoint rather than Fetus'.  It's definitely not Fetus' perspective anyway )-':

"Death and birth ring on my phone." - Possibly indicates that she (Kura) is dying. The birth part of this statement is Fetus! Yay, Fetus. Chapter resolves with acknowledgement that Kura is moving to live with Te Paania, arriving two days just before Fetus is born, which was the ending to the prologue also.

So we haven't progressed so much just yet.

But there is a lot of information to what Kura is like personality-wise, and perceptively the suitcase that Josie (unsure of who she is, especially seeing as one of the ways she is described is: "As well as being the man's great-granddaughter she was his great-grandniece also." So... incest? Ugh, I'm confused, ask me later) leaves on Kura's verandah could be symbolism of how caring Kura is. For example the chapter tells that Kura lent another couple the suitcase, who lent it to Josie, who is bringing it back to Kura. This could show that Kura is willing to help out others, which would reflect upon real life as grandmother's are often known to be sweet and willing to aid family.

Overall not the most interesting chapter I've ever read, but I'm hoping the knowledge of Kura will eventually provoke a more... specific reaction(?), instead of just "oh, well... alright, whatever." Like, maybe she'll die and by that point I'll be attached to her so I'll drop to my knees in the pouring rain and scream to the heavens to send my sweet old lady back to me.

I miss Fetus.